It is a web-based application. An institute has different branches at different locations want to control and maintain the accountant salary and student personal and payment details. The software provides the facility for reporting, new student details, payment details, and modify details of student and salary of the accountant.


  • Admin of institute
  • Accountant of each branch


Functional Requirements:

Admin of the institute:

  • Create update and delete accountant details after login
  • Can search branch wise accountant
  • Can search all candidates studying in various branches and can update and delete them

Accountant details:

  • Can search the student personal and payment details as per requirement after login
  • Can update the old student record
  • Can save new student pieces of information

Non –Functional  Requirements:

  • Secure access to confidential data
  • 24X7 availability
  • Browser testing and support for IE, NN,Mozilla, and Firefox