The Java Application World is a Desktop based application. It holds a lot of interesting games and utility products. The Java Application World has got a great User Interface with colorful objects. It includes mini-apps like Calculator, Notepad, IP Finder, Tic Tac Toe, Picture Puzzle, Word Count tool, Sudoku, Exam System and Source Code Generator.

The main aim behind developing this application is to provide the user with an application which includes both games as well as utility apps. It will also help users to have one application for all products. The application is developed through programming. It is intended to work properly.

The Java Application World is developed for a utility and gaming application. It includes the following applications:-

  1. Notepad – This application opens a notepad in the system where the user can type and edit whatever he wishes to write.
  2. Calculator – Calculator is used for any logic operations required to execute. The given calculator is a scientific calculator and intends to work properly.
  3. IP Finder – IP Finder is an application where a particular URL is accepted. The IP address of that URL is given. It mostly works for the entire website.
  4. Tic Tac Toe – It’s a simple game considering of a X and O. It functions the same way as a normal X and O game.
  5. Picture Puzzle – This game includes random small images which when combined creates a proper image.
  6. Word Count Tool – Counts the number of words given as a text.
  7. Exam System – A test is conducted and the results are shown in the end of the test.
  8. Source Code Generator – In this application a urn is requested, and the basic code of that URL is given.